Defiance is a hole in the wall run mostly by one guy. We offer professional service on all kinds of bicycles, and are especially good at things like tricky fender or rack installations and other sorts of jobs the big shops dont like doing.

We can help you spec a custom build on a Surly, or revive a dusty classic to its former shine. Either way we can make it fit you right.

Our wheel building skills are top notch. Whether you need a beefy commuter wheel set or you are ready to lace up those vintage hubs you’ve been hoarding away all these years, we have the experience and skill to give you the best.

We can fix old bikes, and stock as many odd tire sizes as we can. Special orders are never a problem.

Lots of fixed gear and single speed parts. Polo gear from Fixcraft, IN STOCK Yo.

Books on vintage bicycles, specialty tools, and supplies for the home mechanic like grease and hand cleaner.

Not really a whole lot of carbon fiber. Not any, actually.

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